The Merchant Life - Volume 24

The Disoriented Department Store

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In this week’s edition, we highlight a conversation we had with our friend, Sandra Duff, President of Jackman.

We discuss the oldest and most iconic Canadian retailer, The Hudson’s Bay.

Many folks haven’t stepped into a Bay store since the pandemic pushed our shopping journeys online. But those of us who have ventured out, this iconic Canadian department store is looking to be quite average.

Some may even say a bit dull.

Tune in to some of our thoughts on The Bay, the evolving role of the department store, and how curating assortments will get retailers closer to the customer.

Let’s dive in.

Talking Shop - In Conversation with Sandra Duff🎙️

We’ve all had many discussions on the purpose of the department store and do we even need this one stop shop anymore?

We had a few thoughts…

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