The Merchant Life - On a Collision Course

We don't mean to keep you waiting...

Welcome to The Merchant Life, for retailers and retail enthusiasts wanting the insider perspective of all things retail.

We are currently attending the Collision 2021 conference until the end of day today.

This event is billed as “North America’s Fastest Growing Tech Conference” and is boasting an attendance number of over 38,000 people.

It’s been awesome.

It’s been digital - we can’t wait until we are doing this in person!

And we’ve been learning a ton about tech in retail.

It’s sparked some ideas and interesting convos.

So much so, that we decided to write up the retail details for the newsletter this week.

With that said, we’re going to take an extra day to curate the content for you.

🗞Newsletter drops on Friday, April 23rd at noon.

Special thanks in advance to Rosie Bailey from Nibble, Davide Petramala of Avaya and my friend Stephanie Atanasovski for contributing to our Collision themed edition.

Give us 24 hours and we’ll give you the best curated content from Collison through the lens of a retail insider.


Liza & Raj